When the Assman Testifies!

Maybe I do this because I like to write, but sometimes, when I am bored, I find myself describing what is going on around me as though I am narrating a book.

Am I the only one to do this? Am I weird? I mean, I know I am weird, but are other people weird like this too?

I'll give an example. I work at a company that specializes in people dressing up in colonial era costumes and providing entertainment to Philadelphia tourists. I don't engage in the dress up, (they do make me wear a polo though... rrrrr), but I spend my day in the company of silly looking men and women.

This... but somehow sillier.

So the other day, when I was sitting around waiting for one of our programs to start, I found myself again narrating my surroundings. The problem? Once I started narrating I realized exactly what was going on around me: