A Row of Rainbow Unicorns

It all starts with eye contact. Some people avoid it like the plague, others (myself included) lock onto eye contact in a conversation like the giant squid from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and refuse to let go until we're done talking or the Nautilus sinks, which ever comes first!



Eye contact is how we make our connections, its how we show our intention. It can be a beautiful connection between two people, a sharing of thoughts and feelings and emotions

"God... don't we both love LL Bean?"

or the precursor to something horrible.


Since examples of beautiful thoughts and blah blah blah are boring. Here is a prime example of when it spells doom:

Hardcore Technology!!

Hello readers!

Today marks a new, beautiful, strangely sexy chapter in the life of Why I Hate Everybody…

The VLog!!

That's right. This Blog has added a VLog component.

Now, I don't quite know what VLog means… I know it has something to do with videos… so I assume it means "Vicious Blog" because, as we all know, videos are viciously awesome. They are also technology, and technology is awesome. So the new VLog element of this blog is viciously hardcore video technology!

I'll stop hyping it now and let you watch:

So tell me what you think of the new thought process, as well as the new video. I will still write entries, but I will also be putting in some videos from time to time!

You can also follow the videos through my new youtube channel: WhyIHateEverybody