Back from Forced Hiatus 2 - This time... it's personal!


Yeah, I'm back from hiatus with some election ranting. I had to fight space aliens again... give me a break.

We're at that point, we're gearing up! We, as Americans, are getting back to the stage where we waffle between



Fuck it...

What cracks me up so much is people who are trying to put the "government back into the hands of the people".

Um... wait.

When the fucking toilet is backed up I do NOT go around looking for a plumber who will put the plunger back into my hands... that is why I pay you for the job, asshole!

People like Ron Paul drop this phrase like he is bringing some gift from God on high! If I am going to have to start governing AS WELL as doing all the other stuff I have to do then I want to at least get to put it on my CV.

This is why I pay you to do this! I pay you to govern! I want government FOR the people, BY the people and OF the people... not government led by the people while rich people sit back and criticize me and, I assume, through rotten fruit at me.

I don't know if this is a good way to come back from the hiatus or not... but it is about damn time that an elected official realizes they are an elected official because we do not want to be elected officials.

Also... I am going to place a formal request that the population of the United States look up the definition of the word "Socialist"... I think you will be surprised.


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