Hardcore Technology!!

Hello readers!

Today marks a new, beautiful, strangely sexy chapter in the life of Why I Hate Everybody…

The VLog!!

That's right. This Blog has added a VLog component.

Now, I don't quite know what VLog means… I know it has something to do with videos… so I assume it means "Vicious Blog" because, as we all know, videos are viciously awesome. They are also technology, and technology is awesome. So the new VLog element of this blog is viciously hardcore video technology!

I'll stop hyping it now and let you watch:

So tell me what you think of the new thought process, as well as the new video. I will still write entries, but I will also be putting in some videos from time to time!

You can also follow the videos through my new youtube channel: WhyIHateEverybody


  1. I like the video, wish there were more screenshots of images throughout the video. It kind of pulls everything together, but then again I still like pop-up books. So what do I know?

  2. Wait...you mean I wasn't supposed to just stuff a blanket under the, uh, dorm room door (my head just imploded) and try, failing miserably, to go back to sleep? Huh. That seems like a huge pain in the ass... Particularly because I lived on the 11th floor. Sure, it can be fun to run DOWN 11 flights of stairs, but at 3am when I'm the only person in the building who isn't drunk? No way. I'd rather die in my sleep of smoke inhalation. I mean, if we all actually did what we were supposed to, we would all be trampled to death trying to get down the stairs.

    Let's see if I can pull some math out of my butt here... approximately 1,100 in the building, half on each side. That's just over 500 people spanning 13 floors, which gives you about 40 people per floor, all running down the stairs at the same time. We couldn't even fit 40 people in one floor of stairs if they lined up quietly like cattle, much less when they're scampering around like uncoordinated simpletons. A venture destined to fail.

    P.S. Thanks for helping me discover the wonderful fact that snorting with laughter with solid objects of food in my mouth could get a little awkward at work. Awesome. :P


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