A Picture's Worth a Word... or Two

Hey, Hey Everybody!

Do you like to laugh, but find you really only have a second or two to devote to your joyous giggles?

If so, head on over to A Picture's Worth a Word... or Two, a new blog concept I am working on. I see a picture and I attach a thought to it... anything I think of when I see the photo. If I did it correctly, that thought is funny, if not... we'll I'll just have to try again later. 

At this point I am working off of pictures I find myself, but ideally I would LOVE to be able to have readers send in pictures and I could work from there.

Before anybody starts worrying, I will NOT abandon this blog. The new blog is a place to put short, sweet humor to the test.

Once again, that is apicturesworthaword.blogspot.com

Let me know what you think!

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