The Best Joke I Have Ever Heard

So this isn't a story, but someone gave me the idea to write this as a blog entry, mainly because, as you will see when you read it, if you HAD met this guy, the meeting probably would have been blog-worthy.

So here we go:

George worked on the 15th floor of the Fleet Building right in the heart of downtown. He got to work every morning at about 9AM and left every evening at exactly 5PM. Most Fridays, when he got off work, he went to a little bar across the street, had a few beers, then went home.

This week, however, he heard about a brand new bar that opened on the top floor of the building in which he worked. It was, apparently, really fancy and George thought it sounded neat, having a drink on the 99th floor, so he decided to go there when he got off work on Friday, instead of his normal place.

Friday afternoon rolled around, George closed his computer, picked up his coat, and took the elevator to the very top of the building. He got off and walked into the bar. It was lavishly furnished, like a bar out of a gangster movie, but there were only two people in there, the bartender and one client.

George walked up to the bar and ordered a beer. After a moment, the other man in the bar turned to George and smiled.

"Hey," he said. "Is this your first time coming up here?"

"Yeah," George replied. "It's really nice!"

"This bar is pretty amazing, did you know that the barstools were supposed to be on the Titanic?"

"No!" George gasped.

"Yeah," the man smiled. "But they took them off right before the ship left England. And you see that mirror behind the bar, that was the mirror hanging in the Saloon in Tombstone, where the gunfight at the OK Coral was fought."

"No way!" George whistled. "This bar is pretty amazing."

"Sure is!" the man laughed. "But the coolest thing is over at that window. Between 5PM and 5:30, if you jump out that window, the cross winds coming through the city will catch you and, after you fall for a bit, will toss you right back into the bar."

At this George laughed. "Yeah, right." He smiled.

"It's true!" the man yelled, and without pausing he stood, walked to the window and jumped out. George was terrified but, a few moments later, the man popped right back through the window.

"Holy SHIT!" George gasped. "How did you do that!"

"I told you, the cross winds catch you and carry you right back in."

"Do it again!" George said.

The man smiled and, once again, jumped out the window. Just like before, after a few moments he popped right back in like nothing had happened.

"Awesome!" George yelled. He put down his beer, ran to the window and leapt out.

SPLAT!!! George disintegrated when he hit the concrete.

Back in the bar the man smiled and sat down, he signaled the bartender for another beer and ate a peanut. The bartender poured the drink and carried it over to the man.

"Jesus," the bartender shook his head at the man. "You're a real asshole when you've had a few, Superman."

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