This Stupid Game!

There is an idea, a beautiful idea, a wonderful idea, that, for some reason, I equate primarily with Death Metal. The idea of letting one's inner emotions out, even if just for a moment, and allowing yourself to Unleash the Beast Within.

That last part of the line there is probably why I equate the concept with Death Metal. Can't you just hear the line "Unleash the beast within" roared throatily into a microphone by some nordic guy who looks like the scary ghost girl from "The Ring".

Now it is usually pretty easy to let your positive emotions out. If you see a giant teddy bear…


you can probably hug it.  If you see a cuddly puppy...


you can probably go "awwwwwwwwww" and nobody will really look at you funny… except for maybe the Death Metal guy.

The hard part comes from letting your negative emotions out. I don't mean getting home from work one day, walking into the bathroom, closing the door and just screaming


because anyone can do that. While that is freeing the beast within, it's doing it as an afterthought, it's what happens when emotions are bottled up.

For example, when two guys walked into my office today and proceeded to stand there, looking around, I thought to myself "Owen… its almost thanksgiving, these people look lost, do the nice thing and help them out." So I oozed myself from my chair and walked over to them, broad smile tearing my face in half, and I said "hi there, can I help you with something?"

By this time I had gotten right up next to them, about three feet away, both of them looked right at me… and then went back to talking to each other, never giving me a second thought.

I'm sorry... did I interrupt this important conversation you were having in the entrance hall to OUR private office area? I didn't realize that you were above even acknowledging my existence. I hear you muttering in english, I know you speak it, you saw me walk awkwardly over to you and now I'm just standing here… next to you… do you wonder why I'm here… awkwardly?

It's because you're a jack-ass! Not even an "no thanks" when I asked you if you needed anything???

This is the moment when I should have gone "RAUGH! HULK MAD! HULK SMASH!" and grabbed a fucking helicopter out of the sky and swung it around like a bat, knocking these two fuckheads out of the office building like a pair of hipster baseballs. But I didn't. Why?

Because some time after society came along, the idea of being polite followed… clinging to the back of society like a squirrel holding onto an especially long wedding dress train. And just like the squirrel, the people who are polite are constantly being pissed off by the people who aren't polite, but the polite people can't do anything about it because doing something would be IMPOLITE!

Just like the squirrel… I guess? Whatever! Don't be impolite about my metaphor choice!

The point is: we need to find a happy medium here. We need to find a way for polite people to scream their heads off at the ignorant, oblivious assholes without making those same polite people look bad! If the polite guy just yells at the impolite guy, the polite guy LOOKS impolite to everyone else and gets fired for yelling at strangers in the office.

But, bottling up anger is never healthy! Observe what happens when things get bottled up, (if you get to the end you'll understand the title of the post, also the video is hilarious):


I'm not saying that I have the solution here… but we polite people need a plan. We need to come together and work towards a solution.



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