Happy Pensive Sunset Fountain

It's Tuesday. I don't care what you say, Tuesday is worse than Monday. So, everybody take a deep breath. This is going to be the blog equivalent of Sun Salutation, the literary Moment of Zen, the photographical bath with scented candles. We depart from our regularly scheduled rage to bring you unmitigated, soothing, relaxing calm.

Lets place our calm in front of a beautiful sunset, as seen here behind me.


Ahh, wasn't that nice. Now that everyone is relaxing, lets say something to all those annoyances that are following us around. All the creepy weirdos that are hiding just off camera.

I'll say something to all of them for us:


I think that got our point across. Relaxation is the word of the day today. Lets listen to some music? Does music sound good? Something beautiful and classical, turn on your speakers for this.

Wait, you know what makes classical music even better?

Toy cars blowing up:

Wasn't that great?

Happy relaxation everybody. Tune in tomorrow for more fury.

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